Public Law is a very relevant area for Resende Ribeiro & Reis Advogados. Clients can rely on legal advice and litigation services rendered by experts in public law that can provide the following services, with excellence:

. Legal advice in public biddings, with examination of the call for bids and adoption of measures to protect the interests of the bidders, both in the administrative and judicial realms;

. Legal advice regarding public contracts;

. Representation in court, including class action, action for public misconduct, and public civil actions;

. Representation in investigations and inspections held by the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Public Finance Court;

. Representation in court and administrative proceedings in matters involving civil servant tests, legal regime, disciplinary proceedings and retirement of civil servants;

. Legal advice on government restrictions to private property, such as administrative requisition, historical preservation, easement, and expropriation;

. Drafting of newsletters, memorandums, and legal opinions.